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Why leave it to Logit?

Automate task workflows to save time, improve efficiencies and boost performance with one solution. Digital checklists and forms lets you easily manage food safety, statutory compliance, maintenance, guest feedback and more.

One easy to use interface lets you do so much more


Statutory Compliance

Food Safety

Action Management

H & S Documents

SOP Manuals

Preventive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

Asset Records



Guest Feedback

Waste Tracking

Hotel Housekeeping

The Hub



Request Management

Leading companies leave it to Logit

Digitise and save over £1,000 per site & 100+ hours annually

Save 30 minutes a day managing work
Reduce onsite audit times by 24 hours
Increase productivity by 10%
Reduce printing costs by £250 per site
Save up to £1K on maintenance costs

One solution does it all



Ensure food safety tasks are performed, recorded and acted on as required. Auto alerts and escalations allow you to resolve issues quickly.

Statutory Compliance

Track and manage statutory compliance from any mobile device, identify risks with real-time data and reports and prove compliance with an auditable trail.


Submit requests, schedule and track all activities, proactively report and respond to issues, and centralise asset data in one place.

Request Management

Centralise communications, assign responsibility for various requests and track their status at every touchpoint from customers, employees and vendors.


Eliminate errors caused by manual processes, reduce endless paper trails, track progress and share data to identify areas for improvement.


Checklists and smart boards ensure faster turnaround times, and enhanced visibility allows managers to effectively delegate workloads.


Reduce the number on onsite audits by providing visibility and insights to teams that will ensure compliance is consistently achieved. 

News & Kudos

Align teams with on-demand access to news and videos, and create a winning work culture with our Kudos feature which allows you to acknowledge staff.

Guest Feedback

Delight customers by enabling them to leave feedback at designated touchpoints. Analyse insights and take action to improve service.

The Hub

Create bespoke forms and processes in a user-defined mobile platform that provides ease of access and management of workflows.

With Logit, managing work and teams will never be the same

Before Logit

Inconsistent Processes

The same work is completed in different ways by different employees creating errors, non-compliance and risk.

Distributed data & communications

Information you need is lost or hard to find in emails, voice messages, spreadsheets and other sources.

Lack of visibility 

Unable to see who is working on what and potential problems that need tending to.

Loss of control

Managing teams and keeping stakeholders up to date is difficult.

The perfect system for a busy hotel

"Logit provides a one stop shop for all our hotels' needs. We were using three systems across reception, housekeeping and maintenance, but now we only need Logit. Not only has this saved us time, but our teams have all the support in the palm of their hand no matter where they are."

Rob McGlynn - Regional General Manager

Logit predicts problems, eliminates downtime and improves reliability


Save time performing tasks, monitoring progress and safeguarding against non-compliance.



Ensure compliance with company standards, resolve issues and evaluate risks to the business.


Instantly report issues and accidents, and ensure nothing ever gets ignored or missed.


Quickly access records, set maintenance schedules, manage servicing and track downtime.


Assess performance, monitor compliance and identify trends across the organisation.


Enable team members to securely store and access content including digital guides, handbooks and procedures.


Share the latest company updates, initiatives, news, videos, blogs and social activity.


Socially recognise teams and high achievers with emojis and comments to improve productivity and create a positive culture.


Replace paper-based forms and manual processes with digital workflows that you can access and manage from one centralised place.

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